‘Viminalis’ is an award-winning sustainable home that seamlessly integrates with its environment, harnessing natural elements to achieve optimal energy efficiency and functionality.

Boasting an impressive 9-star energy rating, this home was expertly crafted to harmonise with its surroundings and withstand the unique environmental factors of the site. It aims to harness the power of natural elements, leveraging them to passively regulate temperature and enhance energy efficiency.

The living quarters are the heart of the residence, a space where family gathers and seamlessly connects to the productive garden.

Given the need to accommodate six occupants while adhering to strict building guidelines and budget, each area was thoughtfully and pragmatically designed for multipurpose functionality.

The choice of a naturalistic material palette pays homage to its namesake, the locally indigenous Manna Gum, which thrives amidst the neighbouring native vegetation at the esteemed Live at the Cape Development.

Winner: 2022 Master Builders ‘Best Sustainable Home’
Commendation: 2022 Design Matters National ‘Environmentally Sustainable Design’