‘Spinifex’ effortlessly combines sustainable living and contemporary aesthetics through its bright-white facade and natural timber features, evoking a genuine sense of belonging in its coastal home.

Located within the picturesque Live in the Cape Development in Cape Paterson, it boasts an impressive 7.6-star energy rating. The roof is adorned with a 3.7kWh solar system, harnessing the power of the sun to fuel all-electric appliances within. This home has a small footprint of 164m2 and uses its integration with the walking track to extend the visual boundaries of the property, inviting residents to explore the natural beauty that lies beyond its title lines.

Its exterior, features recycled brick, Weathertex and radial timber battens, creating a unique aesthetic. Inside, an internal brick wall, tastefully painted, adds a touch of character while providing thermal mass.

Double glazed windows enhance the rooms, ensuring optimal thermal efficiency. A 10,000L water tank, plumbed into the house, promotes water conservation. The use of a heat pump water system ensures efficient water heating throughout the year. Meticulously designed to adhere to the strict design review panel guidelines, this home is an embodiment of smart and sustainable living.


Winner: 2023 Master Builders Victoria Regional Building Awards ‘Best Custom Home’