‘Seadragon’, a remarkable embodiment of sustainable living that harmoniously fuses eco-conscious design, contemporary aesthetics, and active community involvement into a functional and efficient space.

Located on a corner block in the Live at the Cape Development, ‘Seadragon’ warmly embraces its street frontage, allowing the living and outdoor spaces to connect with the community. Boasting an impressive 8.7-star energy rating and thoughtful passive solar design, it has a compact footprint yet still offers four bedrooms plus a home office, ensuring ample space within its thoughtful layout.

Externally, the recycled red brick, radial timber battens and concrete look cladding, lends a modern and visually appealing touch while requiring minimal maintenance. The aesthetic is continued internally where the burnished concrete floor adds a touch of sophistication, complemented by the thermal mass provided by a recycled brick wall in the living zone.

‘Seadragon’ harnesses the power of renewable energy with its 6kWh solar system coupled with a battery, ensuring an eco-friendly power supply. Water conservation is prioritized with a 10,000L water tank plumbed into the house, while the heat pump water system provides efficient water heating.

‘Seadragon’ exemplifies sustainable living, seamlessly blending eco-conscious design, modern aesthetics, and community engagement within a practical and efficient footprint.